Je vous invite à un gros fou rire, comme celui que je viens d'avoir en tombant inopinément sur la traduction anglaise de mon blog. Essayez donc d'en faire autant avec le votre...Je suppose que l'on doit aussi avoir les versions espagnole portugaise et même chinoise ?

Spasmodic paroxysm

It is for me this letter? Urgent? Pff… Which they will show. Me CH' uis claquée, I release initially, after I will see.

Enough. Which day. The composition of exotics, round bouquet for the festival, the sheaf of the cremation and crowns for the beer setting. Upright and I trample without stop.

. Better than a bakery however.
Ouf… Good, go, one is installed, large glass of water, a disc of song of birds on the chain and hop, happiness.
I want and I require….
Do not prevent, one dies more in summer, of the young people, of the old men, the car, heat, what a life!

Delicious this trick. You sit down, it lies. The bearings inflate with the hollows of the nape of the neck. Extase. Program night, softness.
Without the compensatory allowances, never I could have offered this machine to me. The massage starts. Ca carefully plows the back and in round. I concentrate.

. How did the speech therapist say when I were kid? “I want and I require…” Ca vibrates thickly under the buttocks, that twists around the calves. And I mix you the thigh, that assembles that goes down, of the neck to the heels. It is good. Ca triturates that triturates. “I veu' zé I esxziggeuh…”
What takes to him? It packs? Leather trémousse. It is good. Too much extremely all the same. “I veuux zé zexiche” It oppresses me there, kneads me there the lungs. I require… But what? Not!

A spasmodic paroxysm.

The following day his/her colleague of work found, stiff and blue. The letter of the manufacturer pointed out the “armchair of massage EXT. XXL2108” for vice of manufacture which can prove to be dangerous.

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